Woodland Heritage Festival

The Woodland Heritage Festival returned to Ecclesall Woods on 12 May 2019!

Thanks to the over 450 people who went to the festival for our 5th birthday! We had so much fun sharing our research and love for Sheffield’s heritage with you all. Here’s some of the things we got up to:

 Copper Corner: a real-life copper smelting casting, with copper necklace decorating
The Lab: interactive zooarchaeology and osteology demonstrations
The Hub: community groups, fighting demonstrations, and hands-on artefacts
Prehistoric Park: coil pot making and cave painting
Food and drink provided by Sunshine Pizza and the Woodland Coffee Stop


2019 WHF Poster***

The Woodland Heritage Festival 2018

Was 2018’s festival the best yet? It was certainly lots of fun! This clip was made by Brett Chapman (brettinthecity) courtesy of funding from the Faculty and Humanities Arts Enterprise.

This day was such a wonderful, amazing day that we can never forget. And, not everyone could be credited in this clip! As a result, we wanted to thank all of those who helped.


The Woodland Heritage Festival 2016

After many months of planning and organisation (and much hair pulling out) the Woodland Heritage Festival which took place on the 30th of May went off with a bang and, considering the windy day, the turnout was incredible. Over the course of the day we experienced at a minimum a 130 visitors every hour, however with some hours experiencing higher peaks than this, so overall around 750-800 visitors came to the festival.

All the volunteers did an amazing job with organising such a wide range of actives which included; craft corner for the children, pottery making, q-pits, bronze casting, Zooarchaeology workshop, Osteology workshop and an archaeological treasure hunt with prizes, from the archaeology department. The English department provided talks, some really interesting stands (and great colouring in), a fantastic heritage art installations, Renishaw Hall representatives, the history of protest poetry and much more.

So overall the day was a huge success, and a big thank you to everyone who was involved, see you all again next year!




The Woodland Heritage Festival 2015

In June 2015 we hosted two days of free, family-friendly experimental archaeology events at the J. G. Graves Woodland Discovery Centre in Ecclesall Woods.

The Festival included hands-on activities in iron-smelting, bronze-working, pottery-making, basketry, woodwork, human skeletal investigation, zooarchaeology, and making “white coal” using a Q-Pit. There were also presentations of post-medieval music using replica instruments from the University of Sheffield music students and a series of talks on human osteology, zooarchaeology, virtual heritage and Q-pits.

The 2015 talks are available as podcasts!

Here are a few photos from the 2015 Festival!