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It’s not just us who love archaeology, heritage and Sheffield. Check out the fantastic activities and videos shared below and tell us your favourite on Twitter!

Studying at Sheffield

Find out what it’s like to be an archaeology student with the department YouTube

Roots and Futures

Find out more about the roots of communities in North Sheffield and add your own photos and stories to the online app

The Mystery of the Factory in the Woods

Embark on an amazing audio adventure through time, take a guided walk to discover stories of Ecclesall Woods and learn how archaeology can teach us how to understand the past: songs, stories and incredible facts for all the family!

Festival of Archaeology

9 whole days of digital archaeology events? Follow the Council for British Archaeology’s fabulous festival of archaeology to discover activities and #AskanArchaeologist

Sheffield Lives

Discover the Tale of Two Kelhams with former University of Sheffield post-doc Dr Rachel Askew

Sheffield Castle

Learn more about exciting excavations at Sheffield Castle which Professor John Moreland and the University of Sheffield has been involved with

Neoclassical Audio Tour

Discover an audio trail to explore the classically-inspired buildings of Sheffield city centre

Hollis Croft

Did you know that Wessex Archaeology found a medieval coin at the Hollis Croft steelworks? We didn’t either!

Museums Sheffield

Go behind the scenes with the Museums Sheffield YouTube page

Sheffield Tree Week

Discover the Q-pits at Ecclesall Woods with Dr Toby Pillatt and other great articles about Sheffield’s trees

Lodge Moor

Find out more about the University of Sheffield’s project at Lodge Moor, the largest prisoner of war camp in World War II Britain

White Peak, Dark Landscape

In this online lecture, University of Sheffield PhD candidate David Inglis tells us about recent work being undertaken by the university in the Roman Peak District

Arno the Archaeologist

Discover the story of Arno and the Metal Detector with Wessex Archaeology, perfect for the Under-7s

Archaeology Podcast Network

For years the APN has been publishing audio programs
about all aspects of the archaeological world. They have dozens
of active shows and an extensive archive.

Tales from the Ivory Tower

Research is full of stories, but academics don’t always get the chance to tell them. Discover new stories with the Arts and Humanities faculty at the University of Sheffield

Park Hill Reimagined

A look at the beginnings of one of the most talked about buildings in Sheffield, and more on the Our Favourite Places website

Mary Queen of Scots

Explore Mary’s connection to Sheffield with Professor John Moreland

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