Half Pints

For this year’s festival, our intrepid producer Chris Dwan interviewed academics at the University of Sheffield about their cutting edge research for our new podcast series, Half Pints! Follow the links below to listen and email us with any questions.

Dr Bob Johnston is Senior Lecturer in Landscape Archaeology at the University of Sheffield

Lodge Moor POW Camp with Bob Johnston – Archaeology and Ale Ep 31

Bob is a senior lecturer of landscape archaeology at Sheffield’s department of archaeology. His work focuses on the archaeology of Bronze Age Britain and Ireland. While being one of the researchers in charge of the ongoing work at the Lodge Moor site in Sheffield Bob is also involved in several public archaeology and heritage projects. For more information on Bob and on the Lodge Moor project please follow the links below.

Dr Bob Johnston at the Department of Archaeology

‘Remains of Britain’s largest prisoner of war camp uncovered by archaeologists’, University of Sheffield

Dr Lenore Thompson recently completed her PhD about copper in the Prehistoric Northwest at the University of Sheffield

Copper and Colonialism in North America with Lenore Thompson – Archaeology and Ale Ep 32

Having completed her PhD in 2019, Lenore is a researcher specialising in the use and production of copper by indigenous communities of north-western America. She investigates artefact biographies and the impacts of culture contact as interpreted through changing production strategies of copper among the First Nations of the Northwest Coast of North America.

Dr Izzy Cook recently completed her PhD about sea level change and coastal landscapes at the University of Sheffield

Climate Change and Historic Landscapes with Isabel Cook – Archaeology and Ale Ep 33

Isabel has recently completed her PhD at the University of Sheffield’s Department of Archaeology. Her research was on the impacts of climate change on archaeological landscapes and focused on the west coast of Wales. In this episode, Isabel takes us through the design and execution of her work and tells us about how climate change has affected these landscapes and how we can help to mitigate these effects. For more information on Isabel’s research please follow the links below

‘Historic British landscapes under severe threat from climate crisis’, University of Sheffield

‘Britain’s Cherished Landmarks Under Threat From Climate Change’, Bloomberg

‘Study shows our historical landscape is under threat from climate change’, Yorkshire Evening Post

Dr Elizabeth Craig-Atkins is Senior Lecturer in Human Osteology at the University of Sheffield

Roots and Future with Lizzy Craig-Atkins – Archaeology and Ale Ep 34

Lizzy is a senior lecturer at the University of Sheffield’s Department of Archaeology. Her work focuses on human osteology and palaeopathology with an interest in multidisciplinary approaches to past population structures, health, disease and lifestyle. Currently, Lizzy is involved in the Roots and Futures project which aims to involve members of the community in creating new understandings of Sheffield’s built and buried heritage. For more information on Lizzy and on Roots and Futures please follow the links below.

Dr Elizabeth Craig-Atkins at the Department of Archaeology

The Roots and Futures Project, University of Sheffield

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