About Us

Student-led archaeological engagement at the University of Sheffield 
Archaeology is for everyone. We all have heritage, and we all draw on the past in our lives every single day. The past does not belong to universities; nor does it belong to archaeologists. Every single one of us has a story to tell.

Archaeology in the City was started a few years ago by a group of PhD students wanting to create more engagement between the University of Sheffield’s Department of Archaeology and the general public. Since then we has passed through several iterations of passionate archaeology PhD students. Our goal is to use the knowledge and resources afforded to us through our work at the department to share archaeology with member’s of Sheffield public.

What we do…

We invite all members of the department’s PGR community to take part in helping to plan and run our outreach activities. These include the Woodland Heritage Festival that takes place in Ecclesall Woods once a year which allows members of the public of all ages a more hands-on archaeological experience through experimental archaeology activities like smelting and casting bronze and making your own pottery, this event is a real hit with families; Archaeology and Ale talks that invite archaeologists from the surrounding area to join us at the Red Deer pub to speak on current projects. We record and turn these talks into a podcast for those who like to consume their information digitally; Archaeology in Schools, where we visit primary schools in the local and surrounding areas to assist teachers in education on the archaeology of specific periods and teach students about the importance of archaeology and all of the different kinds of jobs you can do in the field besides digging in the dirt to hopefully inspire some young budding archaeologists to attend Uni and chase their passion.

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