#HeritageFest16 the #free Woodland Heritage #Festival is on Tomorrow! #Sheffield #bankholidaymonday

The 2016 Woodland Heritage Festival starts TOMORROW– a free family archaeology and heritage festival organised by Archaeology in the City, from the University of Sheffield Department of Archaeology, and held at the JG Graves Woodland Discovery Centre in Ecclesall Woods.

Here’s a flashback to the free talks that were on offer last year.

The final podcast is an audio trail of the entire festival as it was in 2015 – the sounds of iron smelting, pottery, charcoal making and medieval music… come along tomorrow to hear (and see! and try!) all the great family-friendly activities, but for now why not listen to last year’s podcast and learn a bit about the history of the JG Graves Woodland Discovery Centre as well…

The Archaeology and Ale Podcast

This year we will have two English history talks, but also all of the fun hands-on archaeology activities that we had last year – osteology, ceramics, zooarchaeology, iron smelting, copper-working, plus some extra family-friendly bone (soap) carving and cave (paper) painting stations and a landscape archaeology scavenger hunt.

Published by archinthecity

Archaeology in the City is the student-run volunteer outreach programme from the Department of Archaeology at the University of Sheffield.

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