Archaeology is for everyone.

We all have heritage, and we all draw on the past in our lives every single day.

The past does not belong to universities; nor does it belong to archaeologists. Academics are not the only people who have knowledge of how our ancestors, ancient or not so ancient, lived their lives.

Every single one of us has a story to tell.

At Archaeology in the City, we try to ensure that everyone who wants to has access to their heritage in the city of Sheffield.

Archaeology in the City is a student-run, volunteer-led outreach programme based in the Department of Archaeology at the University of Sheffield.

We run a series of activities that attempt to make archaeology, history, and heritage accessible and open. There’s something for everyone, so come and get involved.

All ages and interests are welcomed, and all of our activities are free of charge!

What we do:

Free monthly talks and podcasts — Our monthly informal Archaeology & Ale talk at the Red Deer pub in Sheffield is open to all with an interest in archaeology and getting involved. You can also listen to the talk as a podcast syndicated on the Archaeology Podcast Network.

Free school activities — Archaeology in the City offers a range of free outreach activity sessions and courses for students of all ages. You can visit us, we can visit you, or we can go on a field trip. Contact us for more information.

Free family activities at our archaeology festival — In spring we host the Woodland Heritage Festival at the J. G. Graves Woodland Discovery Centre. For 2019’s festival, check out the Facebook event, or take a peek at the 2018 festival video.