“What an amazing time we had! Firstly we had our very own guide of the site and activities… We all enjoyed having a go at making small pots with clay… and saw demonstrations of metalworking. We looked at animal and human bones, had fun sealing an experimental Q-Pit with mud and making our own charcoal, and enjoyed the medieval music and singing . We were given a piece of iron ore from the experimental forge and we’ll use it in our next visit to Wincobank Hill Fort in June”

Young Archaeologists’ Club leader (Ages 10-16) Woodland Heritage Festival, May 2015

“It was successful on so many levels. The way it was presented and carried out meant that it was relaxed but informative. The kids had their confidence built up in a gentle and positive way, it was a delight to see. The boys all showed their different strengths and played to them, they were aware of each other’s roles and were enabled to work effectively well as a team. The girls who all started with very low confidence (“miss, I am out of my depth here”) really developed to the point of wanting to do more and even be involved with archaeology out of school hours. I’m really looking forward to keeping up the contact, by working with Courtenay and visiting the department in September.”

King Ecgbert School (June 2015)

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